Hi! Magda here. 

I'm a Hamilton based jewelry designer and founder of FIGG Studio. 

As early as I can remember, I have been fascinated with costumes, theatre, and storytelling. Pursuing these interests, I completed a degree in film and television, worked as an art director, and completed a Masters degree focusing my research on immersive museum exhibits.

I have always followed interests and opportunities wherever they may lead - often quite literally - living abroad in Edinburgh, Catania, Budapest, and Warsaw. I have also spent several years working in international programming for art and social entrepreneurship. 

As I continue that endless quest of trying to find myself, I love using jewelry as a tool to reflect different parts of my personality. I believe jewelry can be such a simple, accessible, yet deeply transformative part of how you present yourself and build your story - not just externally, but internally as well.

Capturing movement and creating depth are central themes in my work. My primary medium is polymer clay as it is lightweight, durable, and malleable - offering endless design possibilities. All FIGG Studio pieces are handmade by me, in small batches or customized individually for you!

I hope you find that special piece that's been waiting here for you.